Policy Responsibility for Lead   Date of Last Review   Date of Next Review  
 Attendance Policy Jackie White    December 2016  December 2017
Admissions Policy Jackie White   September 2016 September 2017
Safeguarding Policy  Donna Barton  September 2017  September 2018
Teaching and Learning Policy Nicola Hinchliff    January 2017  January 2018
Behaviour Policy  Jackie White November 2015  January 2017
 Whistle blowing Policy    Jackie White   October 2017 October 2018
E-Safety Policy Jackie White    September 2016  September 2018
Mobile Phone policy  Jackie White  September 2017  September 2019
 Compliments, comments, complaints Policy  Jackie White  October 2017  October 2018
 Confidentiality  Jackie White  September 2015  September 2018
 Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy  Yvonne Spoors   September 2016  September 2017
 Equality Guidelines and Policy  Jackie White  September 2015  To be reviewed 2017
 No Platform Policy  Jackie White  December 2016  December 2017
Prevent Duty Department Advice    
Disability Equality Policy  Jackie White - Yvonne Spoors                Cherry Thomas    November 2017  November 2018