University Of Birmingham Project


Adderely children's Centre have had the great opportunity of working with the Cadbury Research Library at the University of Birmingham.

In the summer of 2015 the university announced they had a Quranic manuscript which had been radiocarbon dated to the early seventh century, which makes it one of the oldest and ealierst copy of the Quran.

 In October the manuscript went on public display for three weeks. According to the university 9,000 people vsiited the campus many coming from as far as New Zealand, China, Indonesia, Sweden and Malaysia.


On Wednesday 3rd February some of the parents from the Parents Forum and Dosti Group visited the university to get a look at what happens behind the scene in the Research library. The parents met Josefine Frank, who is the Mingana Collection Development Officer.

The parents got access to manuscripts dating back hundreds of years. The parents learnt a little about what a manuscript is , they learnt about the process of making paper, book binding and preserving books. The parents got to meet Marie Sviergula, the paper conservator. Marie took us through the process of washing the manuscripts when it arrives at the university and then shared the process of restoring any damage.

The group also got to meet Shaheen , a freelance artist who will be working with our parents on Geometric design.


Adderely Children's Centre has  the privilege to be visited by various artist over the coming weeks to host a workshop.


10 Feb. 16             How to make paper                     

24 Feb. 16            Paper marbling                                

02 Mar. 16            Geometric designs                         

09 Mar. 16           Sewing a booklet                           

16 Mar. 16             Book binding 1                                 

23 Mar. 16            Book binding 2