The Loft Room


Studio 1


Studio 2

Family Nursery Room


The Green Room

Family Nursery Room


The Library


The Hall


Outdoor Space - Sand, Gravel and water beds.



The Climbing Frame




Parents and Toddlers


Outdoor Space - Forest and Meadows



The Bug Hotel




Parent and Toddler









We think of spirituality as something to be lived and not taught.

We live spirituality at Adderley

  1. Through listening to our children as fully as possible. When children can freely share their deepest feelings and still feel accepted, self-esteem and connection grow. When we feel important, we matter.
  2. Through creating a sense of purpose – being an active citizen, preparing and sharing food through cooking, caring for oneself, each other, living creatures, the garden and the learning spaces.
  3. By creating cosy, quiet spaces to be and work alone or with others.
  4. By planning special experiences - e.g. Trip to theatre, fun days, health caravan, visits into the community, artists and visitors to nursery.
  5. Through sharing stories, objects and events of personal significance with children.
  6. Through sharing festivals and celebrations.
  7. Through poetry, music, sharing stories, by ordinary conversation and even just slowing the pace of things and letting children look out of the window
  8. Through using ICT (computers and interactive whiteboards) to support children’s learning. Use of the internet to find out about other peoples, places and worlds.
  9. Through valuing creativity.
  10. Through outdoor learning which promotes activity, health & well-being.
  11. Through creating rhythm


Learning together through                                                       






Tuning in to the rhythm of the seasons + nature

Creating a sense of purpose







We also provide planned opportunities for group learning in daily group time


Sense of belonging to a group    Stories      Talking     Singing     Planning       Setting the scene

Leadership      Having a voice      Taking turns      Listening  Time to be   Thinking        

 Problem-solving     Building relationships      Sharing news