Adderley - an Integrated Centre

Adderley has  had a  longstanding history of integration with many strong traditions including  a commitment to inclusion and parent engagement. Integration is at the core of our philosophy and practice. Our Centre governance, leadership, organisation, policies, practice and procedures are embedded in a fully integrated centre model which has been developed since 1970s and recognised with Early Excellence designation in 2002. Adderley Children’s Centre (previously Adderley Nursery Centre) grew out of two different statutory provisions dating back to the 1970s: a traditional nursery school and a social services day care (community day nursery) provision. During the 1990s the two provisions integrated more closely together under one management structure and staff team. The centre also agreed a service level agreement, with the local authority, to provide 104 FTE places (23 FTE places  for children of families in addition deemed in need) and to develop a family support service. This service was the first of its kind in the city. In 2002 it was designated an Early Excellence Centre. This pilot programme involving 100 designated, high quality integrated provisions provided strong models and pioneering evidence of good practice in integration which could be disseminated nationally. (Pascal, C. & Bertram, A. 2002)


Adderley was designated a Sure Start Children’s Centre in 2005. The children’s centre programme ensured help and advice to families with children from pre- birth to school age on  health, breast feeding support, parenting, budgeting, training and employment. In addition we completed a number of outreach services including new birth, six month and eighteen month visits and  book start. In 2017 we were decommissioned when the Local Authority awarded the Early Years Health and Wellbeing Contract to Birmingham Healthcare Trust and 3rd Sector Partners.


Adderley however, continues to be  committed to our work with families and this remains  central to our long term vision. We will continue to provide a family support service to the community with the on-going partnership we have with GOAL.

Adderley continues to provide early education and full day care for pre-school children aged 2 to 4 years old.