From the 1st October 2014 the use of Salbutamol inhalers in schools changed to allow schools to buy and use inhalers without prescription, for use in emergencies.


Emergency Salbutamol inhalers can only be used by the school on a child who has been diagnosed with asthma or who has previously been prescribed an inhaler. The school's emergency inhaler can be used when a child is suffering from an asthma attack and their inhaler is not available, broken or empty. There are particular procedures that a school should follow when using and storing emergency Salbutamol inhalers including:

  • Ensure training in recognising and treating an asthma attack is given
  • Parental consent for the use of emergency inhalers must be obtained
  • A log must be kept after every use of an emergency inhaler

Schools must complete a Letter of Authority when ordering Salbutamol inhalers, either on their own or as part of a kit