Adderley has had a longstanding, successful relationship in the community and at the heart is the continued development of positive interactions with the people it serves. We uphold that children and adults are all citizens with rights and entitlements and should receive a fair, equitable and quality experience. Our fundamental duty is to ensure the health, well-being and safety of every child and we strive to provide the highest possible care and support to extend their learning and development. We endeavour to do this through our partnership with families and the wider community.


At Adderley our aim is the involvement of positive relationships through:

· creating a safe, warm, welcoming, inclusive environment

· valuing the uniqueness of every citizen

· listening to the voices of the families who attend the center and respond in a fair and equitable manner

· enabling children and families to build upon their strengths

· providing a stimulating, enabling learning environment

· developing a positive emotional climate

· engaging with other agencies to ensure a holistic approach in our work


Adderley Nursery School Priorities

2019 - 2020

  1. To develop the role of Governors in the new Birmingham Nursery School Federation Governing Body particularly within the Local Committee.
  2. Continue to enhance the children's skills, knowledge and understanding in Physical Development through all aspects of the EYFS curriculum. This will support mental health and wellbeing awareness.
  3. Enhance the impact of the role of the adult to ensure that teaching continues to improve and the learning environment reflects the UNICEF Articles from the convention rights of the child.  



Consistent cohorts with low level starting points require the school to annually:

Accelerate children's communication, speaking and listening skills, through staffs use of questioning and increased opportunities to explore language in a wide range of contexts.

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